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Ghost Edge For Glk 42 & 43

The GHOST EDGE is the evolution of the drop-in style trigger connector. This is the best drop-in sel..

$22.45 $24.95

In Stock!!

Ghost Rocket Tct 3.5 Cnct For Glk

The Rocket shortens the length of trigger pull and reset. Perfect for defense, sporting or Law Enfor..

$24.25 $26.95

In Stock!!

Ghost Ultimate 3.5 Di Cnc For Glk

The ULTIMATE is highly polished to lessen friction and provide a light smooth trigger pull.Features ..

$17.95 $19.95

In Stock!!

Tac Sol Tri-mag Mag Connector 10/22

The TriMag links 3 Rotary Magazines together creating a 30 round capacity magazine that functions fl..

$11.99 $14.00

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Tti Grand Mstr Cnnctr For Glk G5

High quality components and precise manufacturing make Taran Tactical parts ideal for maintaining an..

$37.99 $44.99

Out of Stock

Tti Grand Mstr Connector Kit For G43

This trigger package will provide the lightest, smoothest, and cleanest trigger break youll ever put..

$37.99 $44.99

In Stock!!

Zev Pro Connector

ZEV created the market for high end GLOCK upgrade parts and continues to offer the most extensive ca..

$15.20 $16.00

In Stock!!
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